Thursday, June 26, 2008

60 Days Left!

60 days. Thats what is left of the initial time frame I had given myself to loose some stubborn pounds just to look nice for my one and only brother's wedding end of August!

I walked slightly more than 2km yesterday and this morning I did 3km! I am going to increase it to 4km within one hour or at 15mins per 1km and maintain it at that pace for the next couple of months. The new route for my 4km shall be the perimeter of our apartment complex grounds and I shall continue to warmup and cool down in our little court yard here:

Path to the left:

Path on my right:

Please note we have exercise bars and etc all along the pathway:

Since my food intake at night is rather controlled as it is, I am looking to reduce my mid-day food intake.. Thinking of reverting to packed lunches from home or other healthy alternatives... as compared to nasi briyani etc from the Mamak Alai, who delivers too! Making it so easy to over eat! Wish me luck!


Janet C said...

Go Em, go! lol
You forgot Just Heavenly is next door ^_*

Za said...

We are going to be seeing a very slim Emily soon! Go, Emily, go!


Emily said...

Arh? very slim? Aiyoh! 10lbs oso happy liao!