Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bookcrossing ~ June 08 Meetup

The Malaysian Bookcrossers met up last Saturday at Delicious, Bangsar Village where the thirteen of us enjoyed good food, good books and great company!

I picked up Orange-Marmalade aka Yatie from Kelana Jaya and we arrived at Bangsar around noon, we made a quick stop over at Silverfish since we were still early. Got myself another copy of "News From Home" which I passed to OM for her reading pleasure. And for myself? Chiew-Siah Tei's "Little Hut of Leaping Fishes"!

Delicious at that point in time was already half filled but we managed to get a table for ten in the middle of the place.

Upon Ammogurl aka Diyana's arrival, we settled down and ordered some starters while we await the arrival of the other members. Fried Calamari with tartare sauce was the first to arrive, followed up by a Pate plate with Melba toast in a bamboo steamer tray with capers on the side! (The serving of pate was large and we needed a second helping of Melba toast to finish it off!) Last to arrive was Roasted Cherry Tomatoes Bruschetta (this was excellent!)
And this was Cafeauchocolate aka Taty's dessert! (Note: I did not order any - remember? I am on DIET!) And would you believe that I totally forgot to snap a picture of my long awaited Lambshank pie!

Here we have Taty chumming up with Sharon Bakar!

Sharon with Azwan:

From RtoL: Berisman aka Adib and friend:

LtoR: Taty, MAI aka Azwan, BabyImran aka Zarina, AuntyJo aka Emily and Orange Marmalade:
LtoR: Synical aka Soe Chin, Taty and Sharon:
Ammogurl and Gary:
LtoR: Gary, Katie, Soe Chin, Taty, Adib, Azwan, Zarina, Emily, Yatie, Diyana and Mr Wong (whom we met during the KLAB previously):

With Sharon and Adib together with his friend having departed for other engagements; Wong also bide us farewell ~ we hope to see him at our next meetup! The rest of us headed off to MPH to get more books!

I got myself a copy of Shahriza Hussein's "Legacy" (for the booksigning at Readings @ Seksan where we were next headed, at the invitation of Sharon)
I also got a copy of Preeta Samarasan's "Evening Is The Whole Day", another of Sharon's recommendation!
Taty also bide us farewell when she found out that we were planning to "walk" to Seksan! My camera battery went out at Seksan but not before I took a picture of Katie and Gary!For more updates on our meetup, you may click here and here


Za said...

Hi Emily!

Looks like you changed the format to your blog again. You've been busy!

take care and hugs!

Janet C said...

Your bookcrossing meet always has so much food and it makes me hungry reading about it! LOL
BTW, your new background is very lovely. Where did you get it?

Emily said...

Hi Nik & Janet!
Thanks for visiting! Well our meetups has always been about People, Books & Food!

I got the new template from 'Simply Fabulous' - see box at top left hand corner of my blog.