Monday, December 24, 2007

What my young gurls are up to!

My eldest gurl has just moved in with some gurls from her work place and they wanted to bake cupcakes!

PS: I still dont know how to insert clickable links, so please cut and paste!


Barbara said...

No can do Em, it's asking for login ID!

Pak Idrus said...

friends, to create a link, click the link icon on your posting page, a small window would open. You then open a page you want to link, say my blog,click on URL, copy this link and past on to the small window, then click, a code would appear on your posting. On the link code between > and this < print any word, say >this< and click OK. the 'this' would appear when you view the page. Try it, If you still could not get it contact me via my email address at my blog. Have a nice day.

Emily said...

Like Wow! I got a visit from Pak Idrus!