Monday, December 31, 2007

Learn-To-Quilt ~ Paying Partners Wanted!

I wish to pick up quilting in 2008! but need partners in crime! Join me at:


Barbara said...

Good luck Em! You'll be addicted to fabrics in no time. What do you want to quilt as your first project?

Janet said...

Hi Emily: My New Year's Resolutions sound just like yours. 1) lose some weight, get fitter!
2) Use some of my stash - I have enough for at least 3 lifetimes.
Hoping to help you all lose/use some stash with my new tutorial - am working on it now, but need a few more sign ups!
Lovely day here, but more snow forecast for tonight ;-)
Janet in sunny and pleasant coastal Nova Scotia

Janet said...

Hello Emily: Hope things are well with you. Want to let you know that I have begun the tutorial on Sea Creatures! Can you let your friends know it is starting.
This week's lesson specifies the things needed and gets you started on the background before applique is added.
Janet in snowy Nova Scotia, CANADA