Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Any resolutions people?

For me?

1. Get rid of stash namely fabrics collected from company over the last two years! So gotta to do some sewing.

2. Get on with WISP (work in slow progress) namely my kingsize bedspread!

3. Complete the 1826 and Long Dog.

4. Get the few FOs framed (or made into cushion cover!)

5. Go for bigger projects instead of pretty smalls which goes into hibernation in plastic bags! Smalls are only for exchanges!

6. Stop joining any more exchanges! Already up to my neck and its before 2008 even steps in!

7. Get healthier, walk more and hopefully carry on eating! Ok ok, eat a little lesser;

8. Loose 5 lbs by CNY?



Anonymous said...

Happy New Year
Hope you get done what you want to get done this year
and that you have a good year
blessings to you and yours

Jen at

Janet C said...

Good luck esp. no. 8 :D

Ratna said...

All the best! I want to gain 5kg instead of loosing 5 lbs this year. *grin*

Lillie said...

Yep! All the best,may you achieved all your heart's desire in 2008 !!

Elisabeth Braun said...

Those sound very sensible, Emily! I don't do new year resolutions as such, but I do think that I'm going to take it easy on myself stitching and not committ to too much, get some overdue projects done and eat more healthily too!