Monday, December 03, 2007

My Life at The Moment Is ......

Let's see what sucks:

1. Handphone is acting up (due to numerous drops from various heights!) - not thinking of getting a new one though - cos my fingers are numb due to current medical condition.

2. Digital camera is also acting up (though I dont remember dropping it!) have not made it to any shop to find out what's the matter - so no pictures whatsoever at the moment. Could be non functioning of rechargeable batteries - maybe time to get new ones - rechargeable batteries!

3. Body weight, size and shape is atrocious! need to not eat until Friday this week! hahahahaha Mmmph, had my favorite nasi lemak for breakfast this morning. On a good note, did not finish it in one go, eat the balance for lunch. Ooh, suddenly remember, had nasi lemak on sunday too! aiks! And had 4 sticks of Kit Kat and a packet of M&Ms for tea!

Highlights of the past week:
1. Visited Ikea for the very first time! Yeah! So very village man! But I did visit the Singapore Ikea way back in 1995! If that's any consolation!

2. Used my sewing machine over the weekend and found it to be in excellent working condition (yeah!)

3. Experiment with gluing string, buttons and ribbons to a metal box - yeah! so far so good, everything's still stuck to the metal box!

4. Spend the weekend with both my gurls! Yeah! feeling good!

None whatsoever over the past week! Have not recovered from the marathon stitching during the 5 day retreat! Did stitched on the Gameboard and LDSal then too!

None whatsoever over the past week! Read Wicked! A Tale of Two Schools by Jilly Cooper (838 pgs) and The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens during the retreat!

That's all for the moment! Thanks for visiting! Do leave a comment on what you did for the past week that brought a smile to your face! It should cheer me up somewhat!


Barbara said...

If it is any consolation to you, well I ate into a large bar of Cadbury (over a few days of course) and there's another in the fridge right now :p LOL!!

Emily said...

Oi! save the other bar for me!

Reen said...

emily, congrats. the bag of goodies from NLL will certainly cheer u up. very lucky u.

ShannyK-L said...

Em, If there's any consolation, I've got lost finding my way to IKEA when I was back! Thanks to my mum being the "co-pilot".... :p