Monday, July 12, 2010

This and That...

After picking up my basket of organic vegs from Taman Desa, I made a quick pit stop at Amcorp Mall last Saturday... and picked up these books from the market!

Above: no wonder my plants drowned, no outlet for water!
Above: my progress so far on the ripples...


Pat said...

Hi Emily,

Is that Patricia Cornwell's Predator I spy? Is that her latest book? The last one of hers I read was Book of the Dead.

Your ripples are simply amazing!!

Hope all is well with you and yours :)

Emily said...

Hi Pat!
Yes, that's the latest of Patricia Cornwell's titles I got from my fav flea market stall at LG Amcorp Mall! but I dont know if its the latest she's written. Havent peek inside the covers even! I so so need to post a picture of my storage of latest books purchased!

And see those two bricks on top? I wasn't looking for them... they found me. The first title was staring at me from the rows and rows of books, so I thought that I should pick it up for fun.... and thought to myself that wouldn't it be super if the second book found me too... And wow2 round the round at another stall, there it was! End of buku cerita!

I will be so glad when the ripples blanket is finished.. so so missing reading!

We are plodding along - ok lah.

Pat said...

Darlink! I've read those two bricks!! They are great reads. That fler sure can write brilliantly! You won't regret the purchase ;)

Glad to hear you're doing well!

Emily said...


Why do you think I picked up them bricks for?!!? Cos of your reviews on them! Aiyoh2 your book blog is very damaging for my eyes!