Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hello Hello!

Do remember to go Waste-less Packaging If You Buy Food Back!
Above: See the cili padi on the rice - no tiny plastic bag involved!
Above: Another crochet project ~ this is for DH, a blanket! 


Pat said...

What a beautiful piece of work! I went to visit your other blog as well - lovely, lovely things there, Emily!

I am sure DH will love this :)

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

What a nice post, Emily. I find the colour combination of the blanket very attractive. DH would love it!
I have my own metal tiffin carriers and plastic lock-and-lock containers. I put smaller sauce and chili containers inside the larger ones when I ta-pau food.

Donny Ien said...

Wah,i feel very hungry now..nyam2

Emily said...

Hi Pat!

DH is always appreciative of the things I do for him!

Emily said...

Hi E!

I rather do away with the smaller containers for the condiments! Gotta wash up woh..... LOL

Emily said...

Hi Donny!

Thanks for dropping by.