Thursday, March 25, 2010

Argggggh! I am heavier!

While DH lost 8kg during his treatment, I packed on 8 lbs!!! Due to no morning walks and eating-out-for-one!

I resumed my morning walk yesterday doing only half hour, and 45mins today!  Me and DH drinking the following vegetables blended twice a day... this is supposed to ease DH's constipation, and me... just for fun!
Above: lettuce, green apple, lemon, onion, tomatoe and cilantro?
blended with half a glass of drinking water.

Below: I have been back to 'Buy Sell Trade s/b' located towards the rear of the lot behind the 'Restoran Hari Hari Datang' ~ end of Taman Ampang Hilir and the MRRII? on the way to Ampang Jaya/Ampang Point
Below: I bought numerous packs of the following hooks for my hanging plants.  You find some nice stuff there every now and then!

Below: Started reading Philip Norman's 'John Lennon, The Life'
Hope to finish this over the weekend in Melaka!


javapot said...

try a small nob of ginger, i like that with my juice. try some phyllis husk.

Emily said...

hi javapot!

ginger will be too much for DH's still sore throat, already with onion and lemon.

DH has bran with his morning oats breakfast.

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Dear Emily,

Sorry to hear about DH's weight loss. Whoaa.... 8 kg. That's like the weight of a small dog. :(

Love your power juice recipe! Must try it soon -- it has all my favourite stuff!

Elizabeth Braun said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.=)

I too am gaining weight and I do NOT like it!