Friday, March 26, 2010

About gnocchi and Hakka abacus beads...and plants!

I had been meaning to make gnocchi or abacus beads but came out with this instead just because I cannot remember the recipe!  Bought me a round yam on the last trip to the wet market; having forgot to print out the recipe; ended up making taro dumplings instead!  They are those fish paste like looking roundish lumps at the bottom of the picture (below).  I added the boiled dumplings to the balance of the braised pork ribs from last night ~ and the result was delicious, the dumplings were delicate and soft!
Below: my newly acquired plants.
Below: as you can see, I put those hooks to good use!
Above & Below:  I have never seen flowers in spider plants before. Have you?


Pat said...

Hello Emily,

I found you at CO78/Ee Lynn's blog, and decided for some reason to check you out!

And so many surprises were in store for me, as we seem to have so many things in common: plants; food; are you still overweight? so am I; and most of all reading - and I, too shop at BookXcess! Isn't it the best store ever?

Anyways, I just wanted to say 'hi', and that I like your blog - that's so rightly named! - and that I'll be visiting again.

Btw, I go for my first class in French, with my daughter, at Alliance Francaise tomorrow. How weird is it that I find your Cafe@15 today?!

Emily said...

OH MY Gosh! My long lost twin!! ;)

1) Cafe@15 ~ Rosie upped and found herself a job! :(

The cafe provided me with a refuge when I needed one and Rosie absolutedly fed me well!

2)BookXcess and Amcorp Mall are definitely my fav hangout places!

3)Weight loss dont seem to be a problem for me..... they keeping finding their way back... to me! ;))

TQ for adding my blog to your list! Will visit you often too!

Hugs.. emily

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Dear Emily,

Your plants look great! The ones with the 'babies' sprouting.... care to share? :D :D :D I'll take good care of the new plants!

Diana said...

Your plants are lovely ! Great with these hooks.

Emily said...

Hi Diana!

Thanks for dropping by!

Emily said...

Aiseh Co-Op'78!

You should have left your comments here last night! I was at Ampang Hilir just now, could have drove by with the cuttings!

Next Saturday?

I just have to cut those long stems only right?

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Emily
Remember the soy bean residue, maybe you can make this dish - check out the Zen Temple Cooking Video 11 -

Cheers crystal

Emily said...

Hi Crystal!
Thanks for the pointer for the tofu residue recipe. Downloaded and will give it a try soon!

3lilangels said...

Your plants are really thriving... so gorgeous. Thanks heaps for the spider plant. I promise to do my best not to kill it with my black thumbs. *_*

Alviana said...

owh... i really love ur plants!! awesome!

Emily said...

Hi Sharon,
Hope the spider plant thrive under your maid's loving care! hahaha

Thanks for the potted herbs, will update with pic when able

Emily said...

Hi Alviana,
Thanks for dropping by! catcha later!