Saturday, September 26, 2009


Enjoying the colorful sweet potatoes I bought last sunday at the wet market; just look at the lovely purple color! Hope the vendor is there tomorrow at the market again!

This bento has the balance of my dinner the nit before: Pan fried salmon in olive oil and butter served with steamed sweet potatoes, french beans and fresh tomatoes. Sauce was chopped ginger, onions, tomatoes sauted in olive oil with lashings of worchester sauce.

The Lock&Lock bento box is one of my favourite - a cute size square
and it goes nicely into this bag!


kel said...

A colorful bento (the purple sweet potato was really eye catching) + bag, looks yummy too ;)

Za said...

I could never drop by here without ending up feeling hungry after looking at all those delicious food! LOL!

javapot said...

nice bento, lots of healthy tomatoes

3lilangels said...

Your bento has such beautiful colours, besides being healthy too.

It's quite hard to find the purple sweet potato. Girlet's not a vege lover, but she'll eat sweet potato (and cauliflower) when I can find the purple varieties (fav colour).