Friday, September 18, 2009

Bentos #68, 69, 70 and 71

Above: Plated! Bento #71, Pan fried kurau fish with french beans and carrots accompanied by maggie noodles! Sweet papaya completes lunch!

Top & Bottom: new storage box with half my dinner from night before!

Below: Bento #70. Plated ~ balance of my dinner from nit before; chicken chop with green peas, steamed potatoes; braised tomato and sweet pear
Below: I kinda like this new storage box!

Below: Bento #69 ~ pork loin sauted in oyster sauce and black fungus; tomatoe wedges with brown rice and finished up with papaya and sliced banana touched with a squeeze of lime!
Below: Bento #68 (before nuking) the baby pak choy that is! brown rice and fried tenggiri with young ginger and soya sauce.


Sonia said...

All dishes look delicious

javapot said...

the chicken chop one looks like a 'crab', very creative leh.

Emily said...

By chance only, not creativity at work! hahahahaha

3lilangels said...

yums! so many bentos - nice to see you getting into the groove.