Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quiet Day

Woke up to sunlight ~ meant I overslept.... hence no walkie! Spent a buzy morning on the pc... doing this and that, reading all my favorite blogs.... yummy bentos!

Left home around 1.45pm for Jusco at Taman Cheras. Mission: to purchase some rice for sushi making or rather california rolls ~ a good item to start making.... but of course, things never go according as planned.

Made instead, muffins. Actually Rosie was supposed to make them but nicked her finger looking for something in her cutlery drawer. So I had to do the preparation and mixing. Have not baked in the longest time.

Above: raisin muffins Below: pineapple muffins

Below: what I ate for lunch yesterday at Rosie's Cafe@15

(pan seared red snapper with vegetable dressing & wedges!)
While we are waiting for the muffins to come out of the oven, the elderly couple who were engaged by AF to revamp their library came by to say good bye to Rosie... They had finished their assignment and are heading home to France this Sunday. And you know what? They complimented Rosie on her wonderful cooking! Now, isnt that great!


yui said...

How are you?
I regularly visit your blog.
Keep on challenging!

Emily said...

Hi Yui! You must be my visitor from Kyoto! I noticed you! Thanks for coming back to visit so often.. btw your blog is in Japanese... let me spent some time with babel translator to read it!

BTW how did you find/stumble upon my blog?

LODY said...

A very interesting photo indeed! I started last month my quest to lose a LOT of extra pounds... LOL Between me and DH, he's the one successful! Why is it so hard for women to lose weight than men? LOL