Friday, January 16, 2009

Best Tip for 2009 & Etc (REFRESHED)

BIG SIGH!!!! camera in hospital and discovered my old camera also not working... life sucks!
But my dieting (or rather, food portioning) and exercise is going great! I am now walking 6~1km rounds (well this morning i.e.!) I having been walking 5~1km rounds this entire week! and I lost (yet again) that two lbs which crept back up on me when my head was turned the other way.... hoping to be 149lbs by CNY (and I believe I got an extra 15 days from 26th Jan to achieve this!)...... LOL!
Came across the following site and here is a great tip for 2009!

"Stop waiting for happiness.
Happiness is right here, right now."
Read more here:

DH has a habit of leaving his face washcloth in the sink with the tap dripping after using it and returning a hour and a half later after his morning walk to turn it off... Got him this to reduce his wastage of water!!
Above: A 'what-else-can-they-think-of!' purchase from 100Yen!

Below: And finally got the plates for my cake stand: Below: A thrifted copy of Han Suyin' s "A Many-Splendoured Thing:"

Below: Afternoon tea at "The Teapot Cafe" in SS2, PJ: Bread and Butter Pudding with custard
Below: old fashion victoria sponge cake
Below: Interior of "The Teapot Cafe"

Look! They offer Cow's Tongue on their menu!!!!


Za said...

Hi Emily! Is it too late for me to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR?

Anyway, Happy New Year!

Love the plates and the cake stand!

I must visit this "The Teapot Cafe" in SS2 one day. Where is it exactly?

I have heard so much about it.


Emily said...

here you go, Nik:

The Teapot Cafe
169, Jalan SS2/24
Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03 - 7875 3024

(They close early on Mondays so no dinner served that night)

Paul Lionel said...

Wow would you look at the amount of raisins on that Bread and Butter Pudding. lol