Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Toronto Balcony Farmer and Pet Cat!

Confined to the apartment for a week! Nope, need to be at the hospital for the scan on Friday...

Look what I found ~ gardening in your balcony; and with a pet cat thrown in - now.. how do you do that?!!

CLICK2 HERE: Toronto Balcony Farmer and Pet Cat!

Here is a shortcut to: The Cat's Den!

Yeap! I am bored! Read one book yesterday and started another today. More on books later! I am hoppy happy to show off the balcony garden and cat thingy!

And here are my favorite type of pet cats, the fridge magnet types! LOL - no hassle! no fuzz!

Cat Fridge Magnets Group A:

Cat Fridge Magnets Group B:

Cat Fridge Magnets Group C:

And in button forms too!

ps: They are available for sale! Just email me at if you wish to buy any of the three sets shown. Payments via Paypal or Malaysian banks.


Zohrah said...

Selamat Hari Jadi Emily,

Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki. Jangan lupa post your birthday pics ok.

Take care and have a nice time with your family. Love you.


zarina said...

Did you made this yourself? They are lovely and all the best for tomorrow.

biblo said...

Many happy returns of the day!!! So, you have been resting at home for a week already?

Beautiful cats...

Za said...

Hi Emily! Happy! Happy! Happy Birthday to you! Many happy returns of the day. Hope you have a great day today, tommorow and always!


snazzynsuch said...

Happy Birthday Em!