Friday, May 30, 2008

And My Very First Mail Art!

Imagine returning to work after a week's of house arrest to this!

My very first Mail Art! stitched by Wendy! And it arrived in pristine condition! not a single crease nor a speck of dirt anywhere!

And dont you just love this birthday cake stamp? I certainly do! Thanks a bunch Wendy!


biblo said...

You are most welcome, Emily. Glad you like it. ^_*

Rose said...

Hi Emily

I've never had a mail art before. The PO here doesn't do MAs and the nearest I've got to it is seeing them at MW's hse. Must be thrilling to receive one in pristine condition - kudos to the postman for handling it well!

BTW I wud love to see a purple version of the Touti Frouti SAL u saw on my blog. I love purples too....:)

Lillie said...

ah!..a lovely MA from our Queen of MAs, as always. Cute hat from Janet too....she sure has lots of creative ideas.


toughcookie said...

a happy belated birthday wish to you!

Ich bin ein Fünfzigerjahremädel. said...

Emily,that is a very nice envelope for your birthday!I like it very much and I wish you all the best for your new year of life!
Greetings from Germany,Ulla

Charlene said...

Happy belated b'day to you Em. As usual ... Wendy MA was too perfect ... as what we always call her "Queen of MA".

Emily said...

Hi Gurl Pals!

A Big THANK YOU for all your wishes! Its a lovely Mail Art alrighty! Good to look at and a nightmare to ever think of doing! LOL!

Thanks for visiting!

Za said...

Oohh! A very lovely Mailart from our MA Queen!