Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bookcrossers Malaysia @ KLAB (UPDATED)

Just a quick note to say that the pictures of our 1st day at the KLAB are available here:

I had a great time yesterday and am really pleased with the results of the first day...

On a personal note, I managed to get a copy of David Morrell's Scavenger! Yippee! Will post pictures of newly acquired books later ... cos they are in the car and I have not been out of the apartment yet!

The only picture taken @ the KLAB that included moi and Katie. In addition there is Soe Chin with a group of lovely college students who all took a book or two each!
(Psst! Please dont tell Sharon Bakar that I nicked this picture from her blog. Thank goodness she came along and took the picture when she did! Cos I was the only photographer for BookcrossersMalaysia that day! At least I have one picture to show for my attendance at the KLAB!)

New publications from KLAB!

Amir is one of the three authors of Generation! and of course Scavenger by David Morrell!

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