Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Window Shopping

While back in Melaka a couple of weeks back, saw these:

Light cottons from Asia suitable for little gurls dresses and nightdresses etc:

Dragon motif brocade:

Machine embroidered fabric for kebaya tops:

Red fabric used in making of traditional Chinese banners for doorways:

Things needed for Chinese wedding ceremonies. The red and black baskets are Nyonya ones typical of Melaka:

I just checked with a nyonya gurl friend of mine and she informs that the baskets are used throughout the year as well either to carry gifts of fruits, kueh muih etc, food when visiting friends and neighbours. The baskets are made in China and are more widely used by the Peranakans (nyonya & baba) located in Penang, Melaka and Singapore.


ismoyo said...

Gorgeous fabrics! Those embroidered pieces look breathtaking!

stargal said...

really? the red and black baskets are typical of malaccan nyonya? i didn't know that. we had that when my bro got married. i thot they are used everywhere!

Emily said...

Ahhh, the beauty of the pot pourri of cultures going on in Melaka! I dont remember seeing that basket in use for weddings outside Melaka unless of course the users hail from Melaka! Your family in Melaka right? It would be nice if you could confirm it with your older family members. And update me!

tinn said...

window shopping only?
u sure u didn't buy anything? :P

btw i've got a new blog address.

ShannyK-L said...


How come got wedding stuff pics ler? hehehehe... Are you hinting it to your eldest girl? hehehehehe.... The nyonya baskets are actually a norm even for the Chinese as wedding gifts in Melaka. My mum got a pair of medium sized ones for me & 4 more for my SILs. Say that its our heritage wor...

Reen said...

Emily, the cotton fabrics, is it the shop is along Bunga Raya.

Emily said...

Hi Reen,
Yes. Its three shops next to each other but cannot remember at which shop those pictures were taken.

Hi Shanny,
Wahh, you got 2 medium sized ones! I have not got one even. Been talking about getting a large one with 3-4 layers to display at the foyer of my melaka condo.

Hi Ismoyo! Thanks for your visit. Your blog is lovely!

Hi Tini,
Yup, I visited your blog earlier and updated your blog link at mine already!

yoonie at home said...

Hi! Emily!!! Miss you. Thanks for visiting my blog.