Monday, March 24, 2008

Malaysian_Bookcrossers March 08 Meetup!

By popular demand we returned to Amcorp Mall for our March 08 meetup but this time we gathered at Uncle Chili Restaurant on the lower ground floor. And we totally forgot to snap pictures of the food!!! Now how did that happened?

Anyway the snacks and main dishes were tasty enough ~ we had fried wantan, fried vegetables and fish balls, deep fried brinjals ~ yummy! We had the following main dishes ~ spicy fish fillet rice, seafood with rice, tomyam noodles, cantonese fried noodles and chicken porridge. Dessert was Lotus paste pancakes!

Much was discussed at the meetup, topics included events where the Kuala Lumpur chapter members at Malaysian_bookcrossers would be participating ~ The Terry Fox Run later this year and nearer at hand would be the following:

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Last year's Terry Fox Run saw three participants from the Malaysian_Bookcrossers! Hopefully year 2008 will see more of us there!

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Clockwise from the left: Taty, Azwan, Tim, Wadie, Soe Chin and Yatie

Taty, Azwan, Tim, Wadie, Soe Chin and Emily


Ratna said...

Nice to see familiar faces. Is Wadie a new member?

Emily said...

Ahemm, Wadie is Yatie's new beau