Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NNC Charm Exchange Organised by Janet

My first ever patchwork/quilting venture, A Charm Exchange organised by Janet from Ipoh. Five of us sent out packs of ten (10) different fabrics in 5" x 5" squares to each other. No sewing involved... well not until a later date and I am hoping a muuuccchh lattteer date!

Hartini's exchange:

Nik's exchange:

Ratna's exchange:

Emily's exchange:

(And 'Dania's Mother' had so generously sent me five pieces of 5"x5" in six different fabrics from her own stash when she learnt of my 'involvement' in this Charm Exchange! She spoilts me so much! Butterfly kisses to her!) And I managed to cut another four fabrics into 5"x5" all by myself with my new tools from Quilt-In-A-Day!

Janet's exchange:


tinn said...

wah.. u got from Nik's too.. haven't got from Nik yet... btw did yati told you about the interview.. did she get it? if she get to meet the GM on the same day.. that means she got it.. or they call her for a 2nd interview with the GM... conclusion.. if she gets to meet the GM.. that means she got it.. lol...

Ratna said...

I have not received Tini's and Nik's Charm. Thanks to you Em... Now I've seen what I've been expecting for days!

Emily said...

Tinn & Ratna!
Quick2 pretend you have not seen them!

Yatie has blogged about the interview

Emily said...

and here is her blog

Za said...

Glad you received them safely, Em! Hoping to see some products coming out of it!

Tini & Ratna, you won't be getting an exact replica of what I sent to Emily or Janet. *wink*


Za said...

Emily, I blogged about my stash haul from Melbourne! *wink*

Take a look!


Ich bin ein Fünfzigerjahremädel. said...

Emily,I'm very interested to see,what you will do with this pieces of fabrics!;-)))
Greetings from Germany,Ulla

Emily said...


First thing that came into my mind: save them for my two daughters! hahahaha

Pressure is on for me to produce something from them already! Arrrggghhh help!

Thanks for visiting!

Emily said...

Yes Nik! I saw YOUR STASH! Thought I had left a message there but it did not appear (probably the pc shut down on me at the same time and the msg did not go through)! Wow! Wow & triple Wow! is all I can say of your STASH!

Za said...

Yeah, I did not see any comments from you. It must have not been able to go through. That happens and I can't explain why. Sorry about that, but thx for dropping by my blog.

I met up with Rose, June and MW today to show the stash to them in person today, and we had a great time!


Ich bin ein Fünfzigerjahremädel. said...

Emily,people who stitch and sew have yarn and fabrics for a second life! But it makes so happy!