Monday, October 22, 2007

Update ~ SHS @ 22 Oct!

I intend to put in the last stitches on 30 October 2007! I personalised mine to reflect NnC where the SHS is being circulated. Good idea? But I would like to re do "NnC" in a darker tone.

I had frogged the littles hearts slated in the space between my name and the completion date twice already. I guess the original large heart motif is going into that space!

When you have to frog a certain area twice or more... its time to take a breather! Gonna concentrate on the house this weekend travelling down to Melaka. Yup, making another trip back there and coming back to Kuala Lumpur only on Monday!


Charlene said...

Wow .. a fast progress, Em. You do some changes very well and of course your favorate colour, purple .. you include on the piece as well. Interesting.

Emily said...

And lots of purple in the house too!

Lillie said...

Looking good.