Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Update on SHS

On the way down to Melaka I stitched the first alphabets of the words HOME and NEEDLEWORKER but sadly had to frog them upon arrival as I was distracted by DH chatting to me!

But I managed a fair bit of stitching at night over the long weekend in Melaka. And would have finished the bottom border if I was not occupied with cracking groundnuts for DH on the journey BACK!

From now on I will only stitch this piece an hour each evening!


Mirre said...

Wow, I'm impressed!
I can't wait to see the result!

Emily said...

Oooh Mirre, so the patchwork you have been sewing up are for cushion covers!

Thanks for visiting

Emily said...

Oooph on closer scrutiny, nope they arent made for cushion covers... Mmmph what could Mirre be making!