Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sister Hood Stitching

Received the "Home of A Needleworker" by Little House Needleworks chart via Dropzone from Nik on Tuesday, 9th October 2007 and I have three weeks to stitch it before sending it over to our Margaret Wong on 30th October? Or shall I just hand it over to her personally at our 1st Anniversary Meetup on 3rd November? Great idea?

Here is what I stitched so far for the last two nights. I stitched the roof while watching a handsome doctor lift off into space!

I had the chance to compare two brands of size 28 needles, DMC (pack I bought for the FRE project) and Piecemakers (sold by Jean). DMC needles are fragile while Piecemakers are firm despite the size. Ok Piecemakers win hands down!

The SHS being a small project, I am using the decorative hoop (rubber outer piece with plastic for the inner one) to stitch it. Very handi and easy peachy putting in and the taking out of the fabric from it! Love this purchase. Check out Dania's Mother shop at her site!


Za said...

Is someone smitten by the handsome doctor who is now also an astronaut? I know a lot of young girls are! He even has a fan club set up by his young fans, of course, members mostly teenage girls!

fds said...

Hohoh no more hoops available at stitch stash store. i oso bought almost all of them. hahahahahaha.

the young astronaut (ermm he;s 35 opss im younger, so the old astronaut), Im more into "First Malaysian to ISS", he's a REAL Doctor and besides all the experiments he will also perform his duty as muslim in the space. Ok ok he's charming, handsome. gosh after this the FHM magazine syrely will begged him to be one of their sexiest man (opssss..too far, better get down to earth).