Sunday, August 05, 2007

Updates on X-Stitch WIP

Love the 17"x17" Qsnaps I bought from 1-2-3 recently and I managed to use it with the stand too! As at today:

Finished a third motif for the 1826!

Finishing the second band of the LDMS!

Love my Qsnaps! Was certainly a good buy!


Barbara said...

Yeap the Q-Snaps are heaven sent :) The LDSAL and 1826 is coming along nicely.

Nice collection of knick-knacks from AM!

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

I've never thought of inverting the chart...silly me. Thanks dearie.

Reen said...

emily, for 1826, u mix & match your own colours is it. u are using dmc variegated & solid colours is it. very nice

Emily said...

Hi Reen,
Yes, thats right! There are 5 of us doing the 1826 as a SAL and we are all doing it differently!

niesa said...

Hi Emily,
Your 1826 look nice..
how much did u buy that Q snap.. emm I think I nedd one lor...

Emily said...

Hi Niesa,
I bought mine during 1-2-3 's sale recently and I must say it is worth the USD I paid! But I think Jean stocks them too?