Monday, August 27, 2007

My CCE to Barbara J!

Although I finished the primary stitching for the three pieces much earlier, I managed to delay their sending off to the recipient a week after the dateline! Any way, hope they were worth the wait!

This is how I finished the stitched pieces, with red and white check cotton and to be attached to the cushion covers by four white buttons with a floral centre.

BJ loves French Redwork, so Casamia is the easiest thing I can remember the link to!

I can not recal where is heart freebie is from, but I really enjoyed doing the borders!

And this is one of the three freebies from The Gift of Stitching EMag, and which MW worked hard to get them for those of us in the dark! The heart part was done sometime ago but I added the borders just for BJ! This piece was for the bonus cushion cover measuring 20" length x 11-1/2" height cushon which is good for lower back support while at your desk.


Barbara said...

Thanks a mil Em. I am currently using them and you're right their really good for my back. My lumbar thanks you too ;)

Janet C said...

Well done! Emily.