Saturday, August 04, 2007

Look what I got!

Here is what I got myself last week at Amcorp Mall, in line with the 6pds or 8.9Euros that Mirre and friends have been spending on one thrifting trip. Here is what I got for MYR38!

Three pieces of batek napkins in my favorite color at MYR1.50 a piece!

Two pieces of crochet placemats at MYR4.50 a piece:

Additions to my Chinese spoon collection: A pair of same design at MYR0.50 and MYR3.00 per piece for the flower designs

At a charity stall, bought 3 pieces of tiny mugs at MYR5.00 and MYR10.00 for the pair of seashells fossils:


Mirre said...

Wow, you did well!!

Emily said...

Hi Mirre, compared to you lovely ladies in Europe - I got only the consolation prize. Envy what you gurls can get for your money!