Friday, February 02, 2007

City Day ~ 1st February 2007

City Day ~ the roads to Sungei Wang was truly jammed up so we detoured to Time Square! Hubby sent his car for polishing and thus we had hours to kill there. First mission was to get him some jeans for his trip to New York. Levi's and Timberland had nothing that delight him cos they were mostly low rise(!) and he is used to waisters! Finally found him two different designs at Camel Active in Metrojaya!

Well I must add Time Square is getting to look a lot like Sungei Wang these days. The last time I visited was when Debenhams(?) was still there. Luckily due to its size, although the crowd was fairly strong it was not jammed as it would have been if we were at Sungei Wang!

After having found him his jeans, we had lunch at Thai Nudle House on the 3rd floor. The Seafood Tomyam in a little steamboat was yummy, Pineapple fried rice with prawns was strong in kunyit flavor and the Mango and dried shrimp salad has that oomph! We forego the dessert at this Thai and opt for cake and coffee some where else.

Some of the things in the windows of the tons of shops that I liked were the Selangor Pewter Lunar Plaque with the most adorable trio of pig and piglets ever! TS has some of the tiniest shoplots ever and they are doing great business! Alot of eateries are located on the third floor where the cineplex is. Eventually we managed to locate Secret Recipe after walking up and down the corridor looking for Lot 3.99 (SR).

Hubby had the Carrot Slice while I had a lovely Lemon Cheese Cake and English Breakfast in a pot. Hubby's bottle of Appletiser was supposed to be No Added Sugar and No Added Preservatives but he complained that it was SWEET; even when served over ice! Aiyoh, being with him at Secret Recipe that day was the slowest I ever eat a single slice of cake!

Hubby was complaining of being tired at the end of our visit, we picked up his car at 5.30pm and he comment how we ladies can never tire of shopping. And I commented that I should be the one going to New York instead of him.

Once home, he was horizontal (well, as he put it ~ he did not have his afternoon nap!) while yours truly had to contend with making a nutricious soup for din din!


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