Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bedspread Finally!

I finally picked up my thread for the HAP (huge ass project) of mine, the King Size Bedspread! Its DMC Petra Art. 993 AB Size 5, Col 5964! 10 balls came home with me from Adelene plus a new Tulip hook 1.75mm with a plastic finger grip! Easier on the fingers while crocheting a huge piece!

And I finished the 1st square today itself! But I would need to complete a minimum of 3 squares a WEEK to have it completed (1 year from today? LOL)


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Barbara said...

That's real fast work. I think you're a crochet maestro. After our meet, I tried to crochet what you and Faizon taught me...came out'll laugh, I tell you. I just don't think crochet's for me. I'll stick to stitching and tatting thank you very much!