Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chinese New Year Eve Dinner ~ 2007

We just came back from this year's CNY eve dinner hosted by my brother, John and his gurlfriend, Foon Fong.

Also present were Foon Fong's 2nd Brother and his family, wife ~ Jamilah, kids ~ Selena, Iskandar and Julia; her 3rd (& youngest) brother, my Auntie Karen, Yatie and Diyana, Mom and myself.

Hubby is currently in New York visiting his two other children with his newly married eldest son and his new daughter-in-law. A first reunion for them in more than 7 years.

We went back to Foon Fong's place for coffee after the dinner. Iskandar asked Diyana why she speaks Malay with Yatie and Diyana replied: cos I am like you mah!

Koong Hee Yuat Sai (Hainanese) to all of you and hope to see some of you soon! Posted some pictures taken at the dinner.

Sam Siong Si Seng
Emily and gurls

Selena, Julia, Foon Fong, John and Mom

Foon Fong's 2nd Brother, nephew Iskandar and 3rd (youngest) Brother

Yatie (my eldest daughter) and Diyana (my youngest daughter)

Foon Fong, John and Mom


Barbara said...

A family reunion, how grand! Happy Chinese New Year Emily!

Emily said...

Tks BJ!

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

Eh...Em, you Cina ke, Melayu ke atau Baba?

Emily said...

Cerita lama dan terlalu panjang! We talk someday over lemon cheese cake and latte! OK?