Friday, December 31, 2010

Ecosense Products

We are now using this hand dishwashing liquid which is not only kind to our hands (especially my DH!) and also environmentally !

Very convenient to use especially in the workplace where the ozone machine is not available!
Contact me for further details or visit Here if you are in PJ areas

I went hunting for an old pair of jeans to and found that one of them which was loose and hanging on my hips before is NOW TIGHT!!! OMG!  Guess I have to join this Weight Loss Contest !!!
Got a wedding in early 2011 so got to look good lah!


Biblo said...

Emily, Happy New Year 2011!

LOL!!! I got 'bulat' for the word verification...

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

I'll have to check out and review EcoSense' products, then! The last time I wrote a product review for a biodegradable detergent, my review was almost 1,000 words long!