Monday, December 13, 2010

Catching Up!

A couple of books I picked up from my fav stall at Amcorp's flea market!
Above: My current read 
Above: dessert on a stick aka 'Cake Pop' from Javapot! Yummy! I thought it would be too sweet.... but no! just the right touch!
Above: Javapot presented me with my winning of one bottle of her VVVanilla! Its gonna be used in a decadent on top-of-the-stove dessert ~ hunting down a good recipe!
Below:  Making something with my VVVanilla with this!

Above: (more about this picture in my next post) ~ but just look at the Twiggy Tote! ~ its a gift from On A Bento Frenzy, Pat!  Thanks a Bunch!
Above: Ta Daaa! finally my clock! There is a cake board behind that lovely picture floral art! and its by a blogger friend, Pat at Just One Stroke!


javapot said...

hi hi, nice to finally meet you too :) glad u like the pop! hehe.

tks so much for your lovely bookmark pressie and stencil (actually forgot i asked u about that earlier, so sweet of u to remember!).

i'm guess u are making fudge with VVV? tired making that many centuries ago but unfortunately it didn't set - use a candy thermometer to help u cook it right ok, all the best.

btw VVV taste great with fresh whipped cream too :) yummy.

Emily said...

Oooooo! great with whipped cream you say ..... Eton Mess!

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Aaah! The wonderful world of friends and their many talents to share!