Sunday, May 30, 2010

End of May Post

Above: Recent dinner for me
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Below: Soft diet for DH, as usual
Below: Latest quick soups recipes suitable for the thermal pots
~ Slurpy Boiled Soup by Patsie Cheong
Click here:  Green Tote #2 Completed! to see more...

Above: I had a birthday recently!

Above: the balance of the loofa I had been cutting up and using for dish washing. 
Really got to visit Pudu market to look for more!

Above: Strawberry! Yumms!


Diyana said...

hey! how come my tote no felawwer wanzzz!

stargal said...

been meaning to wish u a happy birthday, but somehow slipped my mind! hehe... anyway, happy belated birthday! =)

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

What a lovely update on your life, Emily! Happy Belated Birthday! I am sorry I missed it!

I am trying to grow petola for loofah and for eating, but nothing grew out of the seeds.

javapot said...

happy belated birthday - when was it?? Searching thru your older post about it. Am also looking for a herbal soup better results over the net than bookshop.