Thursday, April 03, 2008

Flurry Bed Runner ~ Completed!

I do not remember posting a picture of it completed, so here it is:


Reen said...

Hello emily.
Just wanna know, is it easy to crochet with tis flurry yarn. my sis want me to help her crochet a shawl. So not sure whether i can do it.

Emily said...

Hi Reen,
Crochet? Easy-Peachy! But you have to use a large size hook.

tinn said...

is that crochet? wow.. its very nice emily... i love it...

fds said...

I think its hook no.5 right. or is it 3. humm i only use 2 balls of the flurry yarn.
At first i wanted to put on the car dashboard. Too small, so i just put them on top of the tv.
Thanks emily and sis reen for the yarn and instruction. meowwwww grrrr

Emily said...


LOL, Cannot remember the size but its that huge plastic hook in green color!

Aiseh, you used up only two balls?