Monday, April 07, 2008

All Women's Action Society (AWAM)

Hey, folks -

Let's do some charity and at the same time, have some fun, too? My old pal, Linda has a friend Billie, who is in the AWAM organising committee and she's trying to get as many people as possible to join in this event. After all, it's only RM40, it's for a good cause and it sure beats the boredom of staying home & watching RTM on a Sunday afternoon, urgggghhs....

So, I'll see you on 15 June, then.....??? It's held at the Berjaya Time Square in KL, so it's not far away. KL is near, ok? It's not in Genting, not in Bukit Beruntung, not in Sepang, but in KUALA LUMPUR, so distance shouldn't be one of your excuses leh, wokay?....

Would appreciate your RSVP, thank you. And the new location is at the lower ground floor infront of Adidas and Guardian.

Thank you!
Posted on behalf of Billie, friend to my gurl friend, Linda Leong of Kuala Lumpur
Please contact billie at:

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AmmoGurl said...

me, tina and 2 of her girlfriends are taking part for the hunt. same team the went for the spirit of kl hunt.