Monday, February 18, 2008

Natural Healing Foods

by Sivakumar Kumaresan, PhD (Universiti Malaysia Sabah)

Ghee is produced from cow milk where curdled milk is turned into butter and purified by removing the water content within butter. It is a saturated short chain fat which is easy digested and helps build tissue as the building body tissues requires healthy lipids and amino acids. Contrary to popular perception, short chain saturated fats are healthy for the body and help lubricate the joints in the body as well as moisturize the skin. A scientific study has shown that Ghee can help reduce the levels of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) which is associated with heart disease. It is also able to withstand high heat and will not turn into trans-fatty acids which are linked to cancer and other health problems.

Ghee is an excellent source of healthy cholesterol which is part of the estrogen producing cycle. Thus a constant supply of Ghee ensures that women will have a healthy estrogen cycle and have attractive figures. Ghee also has an adaptive property in which it increases the body's digestive fire (agni in Sanskrit) significantly while cooling the body overall. It also prevents constipation and toxicity buildup by lubricating the colon which also enhances digestion.

Ghee is used as a carrier for herbs as it can dilute the fat soluble essences of the preparations. It also increases the virility of the body by replenishing the essence (ojas in Sanskirt, jing in Mandarin) fluids in the body such as sperm and ova, thus can be used in fertility and impotence treatments.

Dr. Raajen Coopan, the Founder President of the South African Ayurvedic Medicine Association (SAAMA), write that Ghee consumption can control the bodies tendency to overproduce cholesterol. In addition, he notes that it increases the body’s digestive fire and ability to metabolize cholesterol.

*The above came with the purchase of a brand of GHEE recommended by DH's sinsei. Please be informed that we are now consuming a pip of garlic with a teaspoon of ghee followed by extra warm water every morning before food.


Barbara said...

How did it go? Tolerable? Good luck! :)

Emily said...

Going rather well... surprising! Follow us?

AmmoGurl said...

and i thought ghee makes you fat.

Aniza said...

Seriously, I grow up with Ghee because that's what being passed down from great great great grandmother. But since marriage, I decline usage of Ghee because I thought it's fattening. TFS the info.