Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My 1st FO of the year? Well almost.....

We were chatting as usual at Needles n Craft, and I was sorta dared to stitched a Tilda piece, a heart specifically... by BJ and Jess!

So here it is..... soon to be completed with embellishments and sent out to...... mmph now who shall it be?

Pretty amazed myself at the speed it was done. I had fabric, polyfil, needle and thread at hand.... and whoalah it was completed in half an hour! well .... it was hand stitched!!


walkthrulife said... it.

where to get the polyfil?

Emily said...

From over stuff 26"x26" cushion inserts that just arrived! You like some?

Barbara said...

I think you did great at such a short time, hand sitched at that!

Janet C said...

Giving it away, eh? Waiting here with open arms! :D