Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Books and Blooks, anyone?

Recent read in bookform!

Really enjoyed Alan Alda's "Never Have Your Dog Stuff"! It was a soulful tale of his childhood, life with a showbiz dad and a slightly mad mother! A guy with a truly fullfilled life!

and how about blogs which became books? Two great authors of blogs of entirely different contents turned into books or rather blooks?

Awang Goneng's "Growing Up In Trengganu"

Seth Godin's "Small Is The New Big"

Currently reading Elizabeth George's "Playing With The Ashes" courtesy of Katie. What are you reading?


synical said...

Enjoyed the Never Have Your Dog Stuffed myself - I would read the followup.

Emily said...

Ooo is there a follow up? Keep me in mind! Thanks for the book!