Saturday, May 26, 2007


Here is an update on my progress on my Long Dog Mystery sampler! The bottom piece is with DMC 580 and DMC 522!

I am keeping the top piece intact and will finish it for something useful. But I do find that using only DMC 580 throughout the two places, instead of DMC 522 and DMC 580, so much brighter!

More on Radha's Muffler

Now, don't ask me how it got to here!

From here:

And here:

and here:

Pretty amazing huh, this hairpin crochet craft! Great job! Radha! Love the muffler!

More on Janet's Sewing Bag!

Details Details Details!

Treats for Moi!

Got myself some Stitch Bows! (From Dania's online shop)

And treated myself to a Chocolate Durian delight from Just Heavenly!

Birthday Gifts from NNC Gurl Pals!

Look at the lovely gifts I received this week! All in my favorite color!

Radha's hairpin crochet muffler in Purple!

Janet's Purple themed Sewing Bag and a tatted Butterfly Bookmark!

Thank you Gurls!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Take Up The Challenge

Sanguine Store is currently conducting a stitching competition employing Carrie's Thread.

For more information, please visit:

Registration ends on 31st May 2007.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Etui, Glorious Etui

I am sure that I am right to say that that I am among the first (Yasmin has one too)at NNC to have an Etui in their possession! Etui! - I definitely got one! Courtesy of Dania of SNC - absolutely talented young mother of Baby Dania! What more can I say - absolutely love my Etui.

The Malaysian postal service gave us a scare though! The parcel was postmarked 12th May but it only arrived just morning. And Dania must be happy to note that she send me the correct color combo too! Thank you! Danis's mom!

On its side:


Half Opened:

Opened Up:

Closeup of Interior:

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Crafts Update!

Just got back from Melaka - went down on Saturday, and have been doing nothing but reading emails since - 200 odd of them! I started the LDSAL from top left hand corner on 14 or 16 ctn Aida. How do I know if its 14 or 16 ctn? Anyone please? So far that's all I managed!

Finished my Boxy Lady x-stitch piece and nothing else done on the box! Could not decide which box to cover (or tin for that matter!). Think eventually it will be a cardboard box! And following in MW's footsteps - paper! though I have picked out a luxurious fabric! Will an etui counts as a boxy lady? Truly inspired by Dania (from SNC).

Bedspread is now a two-block of 4 squares. And finally got the actual measurements - mmph now where did I put that piece of paper!
And picked up these six DMC purples (with 3 of them in variegated DMCs at Merlimau at RM1.00 per skein!) for another mystery sampler with another group of ladies online! Did some reading on the way back today. Nothing else to report.

Moi Lovely Corner Table Cloth

The Lovely Corner tablecloth did rather well from its first wash. I added the last row of single crochet stitch before the wash. I think there was a wee wee bit of shrinkage but gravity did its part! And the wine stain is no where to be seen.