Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Crafts Update!

Just got back from Melaka - went down on Saturday, and have been doing nothing but reading emails since - 200 odd of them! I started the LDSAL from top left hand corner on 14 or 16 ctn Aida. How do I know if its 14 or 16 ctn? Anyone please? So far that's all I managed!

Finished my Boxy Lady x-stitch piece and nothing else done on the box! Could not decide which box to cover (or tin for that matter!). Think eventually it will be a cardboard box! And following in MW's footsteps - paper! though I have picked out a luxurious fabric! Will an etui counts as a boxy lady? Truly inspired by Dania (from SNC).

Bedspread is now a two-block of 4 squares. And finally got the actual measurements - mmph now where did I put that piece of paper!
And picked up these six DMC purples (with 3 of them in variegated DMCs at Merlimau at RM1.00 per skein!) for another mystery sampler with another group of ladies online! Did some reading on the way back today. Nothing else to report.


Barbara said...

That's quite good progress of the LDSAL for just one day! Love the shades of purple, very elegant colour indeed!

Charlene said...

Love your LDSAL ... Such a fast progress since it was done in one day !! Hey ... just count how many boxes in 1 inch to know whether the fabric is 14 or 16ct.

whitecalla said...

LDSAL is looking good and so is the bedspread.

fds said...

Hi Emily,

Nice Bedspread. uhh nice LD. i should check my TGOS again. coz it looks so nice.

Well i dont know where you buy your DMC from. But most of us in XSnXC do our own "shopping" and later report on the price. Definitely looking for the cheapest one. hehehe.

Can u give me your mailing address? umm no no, im not going to stalk u or ermm whatever.Just want you to see the real Etui.

Emily said...

Ooh, Dania's mom! Thanks for visiting! Is RM1.00 per skein the cheapest for DMC? I bought them at a LNS in Merlimau (en route to Jasin & Muar!)

Emily said...

BTW Dania's Mom, what does XSnXC stand for?

fds said...

ummm there's few place in KL selling DMC for RM 1.

XsnXC .... Cross Stitch n Exchange. Where to send the box ya?

umm we always here. just never leave any comment. hehehe

mama mia said...

Hi Emily from KL!

Thanks for visiting Zohrah's sister (that's me). Your posts are also many and with various theme too! Foodie and cross-stitcher and all it seem to me. Indeed a woman of many talents!

stargal said...

u disabled the comments for ur etui post... so can only ask u here. erm... what's an etui? :P

Emily said...

Hi Stargal,

Here is a good pictorial explanation: