Friday, May 18, 2007

Etui, Glorious Etui

I am sure that I am right to say that that I am among the first (Yasmin has one too)at NNC to have an Etui in their possession! Etui! - I definitely got one! Courtesy of Dania of SNC - absolutely talented young mother of Baby Dania! What more can I say - absolutely love my Etui.

The Malaysian postal service gave us a scare though! The parcel was postmarked 12th May but it only arrived just morning. And Dania must be happy to note that she send me the correct color combo too! Thank you! Danis's mom!

On its side:


Half Opened:

Opened Up:

Closeup of Interior:


fds said...
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fds said...

Morning Emily,

Im Glad that u like the ETUI and the fabric design that i choose for you. Enjoy.

opss sorry, posted twice