Monday, November 12, 2007

WIP or rather none .... ?

Did some crochet on the drive to Melaka on Saturday! Massive traffic crawl coming into Kuala Lumpur on the Sungei Besi highway.....due to closure of major roads cos BERSIH!

Did no stitching whatsoever after that..... cos was reading Catherine Lim's The Song of Silver Frond (all of 328 pages on saturday night itself - 2 sittings - before and after dinner!)

Amazing storyline and a great reminder on why I love that lady's books so much! Book's ISBN 0-75285-692-8. Thanks dear Shantha for this book (am going to get my own copy soon).

Ok so who's next in line for this book before it goes back to Moving Library?

Warm regards,
ps: I know, I know - Emily's a bad gurl

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