Sunday, November 04, 2007

4th Nov 2007 ~ Terry Fox Run!

DH dropped Diyana and I off at the Lake Gardens this morning at 8am for the Terry Fox Run! This will be the second run for me! Last year it was left to me to do the run on my own although there were a number of Malaysian_Bookcrossers who were keen!....but......

But this year there were three of us! Azwan, Diyana and moi!

Diyana & AuntyJo!

Azwan & AuntyJo

Azwan & Diyana

Starting Line!

Off We Go!


Young & Old

Water Service!

Almost at the Finish Line!


Mirre said...

Looks like you all had fun!
Was it for charity?

Barbara said...

Great run! Good workout too :)

Emily said...

Thanks Mirre! For visiting!

The Terry Fox Run is jointly organised by the Canadian High Commission in Malaysia and the Cancer Research Institute here. Do read about Terry Fox at the link:


Sachiko said...

Wow~~~~!!great run!Thank you many beutiful photos.


June said...

Lol! Walk or run? I remember once when the company I was with had its 21st Anniversary and organised a big walk at Lake Gardens. We were all caught running on camera and worse, it was televised nationwide during the evening news.

Anyhow, I am sure you and Diyana had fun. Way to go, Em.

Emily said...

Thanks Sachiko for visiting! You do lovely work and sew alot of great clothes too! Real envious of your sewing success!

Yes June! We walked not run! Too many people on the path. But we had fun, loads of family groups, some with really young kids too! After that, DH took us out for Tim Sum lunch at Park Royal. First time there after their refurbishment. Real nice!

Emily said...

Hi BJ,

How is your exercise regime coming along with your new Peer Group?