Friday, January 26, 2007

Stitching Projects for 2007

At the various craft groups I am part of:

I finished off my first project for 2007 in the form of a FRE to Shanny in Switzerland, land of moos! But alas! Shanny has yet to confirm if she had actually received my FRE to her! Oh Shanny, where are you?

Second project for the year is a VSE at NNC, where no stitching is required if you dont wish to stitch, just some stash for your partner! BTW I intend to send out two VSEs, one to my partner and a second vse to a secret partner! I have one vse ready to go and the second vse hopefully to be completed this weekend for I need to mail these out by the 5th of February.

In March, at Shuttles&Needles, I have to contend with a TBE i.e. Tatted Bookmark Exchange... and my early choice of a lazy daisy flower motif with a chain and tassel has been foiled by the Chegu and the organizer! Darn.... just when I am getting the hand of that daisy motif!! Back to the drawing board or the think tank... for another idea.

And now, did I or did I not sign up for the Flatfold? I am having second thoughts on this item as it is more decorative than an item that I can actually use for sewing. Maybe I should be signing up for the Pincushion exchange instead!

On my own:

My second mega project ~ A king sized bedspread for the masterbedroom at Everly formerly known as Riviera Bay & Resort Condo. Have not had the chance to pick up my DMC Petra threads from Adelene!!!

My first mega project for 2006 for the Lovely Corner Tablecloth was successful! Hubby loves it! Hope to repeat the same success level with the bedspread!

Mmmph, next project in line would be a Cathedral Window patch piece using the fabrics from the Dynasty sofa set and the original moira satin from the first set of curtains... sentimental value mah.. Pattern for CW courtesy of Janet Chan from Ipoh, a fellow member at NNC!

Smalls would be a scissor fob for Diyana (something in green!) and one for myself; my 'retirement-x-stitch-tablecloth-for-two'; finishing off my NELL (or rather NELJ ~ now that Lovely June is stitching the last square!) RR into a tote bag.....

Let's see how much of the above can be achieved.... say we will check the progress by the end of the first quarter!


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