Friday, September 20, 2013

Anyone reading Kate Atkinson?

two more titles joining these six ... soon!


Guyla said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Did we meet at IFBC? I'm terrible with names...and faces...and remembering:) but I can cook:) I have a Kate Atkinson book on my iPad right now, One Good Turn. I'm loving it! Readin a nd cooking are two of my favorite activities!

Emily said...

I am new to FFwD and rice pudding was my first dish with the group.

One Good Turn is awesome; but When Will There Be Good News is FAB with regards to Brodie series. Love Reggie character there!

Susan Lester said...

I just started reading "Behind the Scenes at the Museum." I love the voice of the narrator.

I also ordered the DVDs of Case Histories which appears to have been broadcast in the UK but not the US. I'm really looking forward to watching them.