Sunday, May 30, 2010

End of May Post

Above: Recent dinner for me
click here : More On Meals to see more!
Below: Soft diet for DH, as usual
Below: Latest quick soups recipes suitable for the thermal pots
~ Slurpy Boiled Soup by Patsie Cheong
Click here:  Green Tote #2 Completed! to see more...

Above: I had a birthday recently!

Above: the balance of the loofa I had been cutting up and using for dish washing. 
Really got to visit Pudu market to look for more!

Above: Strawberry! Yumms!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Do your duty to your country.
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Saturday 29 May, 2010
1Utama Shopping Mall
10:30am t0 10:30pm

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Endo Thermal Magic Cookers, Organic Farming and Gardening

DH said that these are my best buys in recent times!

Click here: My EndoThermal Magic Cookers! to read more about them.

Below: The following two pictures are of my earlier batches of organic vegetables from GK Organic Farm. 
I collect my 'basket' of organic vegs totalling 2.5kg per time consisting of about seven items - vegs and others - all for the price of RM22.00 - very economical!

Below: from my latest 'basket'
Below: my latest plants acquired....

Above: My third variation of the Spider Plant!

Below: Visit me again to find out what's this?

Hanging Out With Mummy of 3LilAngels @ 100Yen Outlets!

Was hanging out with Sharon aka 3LilAngels some weeks back at 100Yen outlets at Taman Desa and Kuchai Lama and we bought loads of stuff from both outlets.  I am pleased to inform that some of the following are still available at Kuchai Lama as of  T.O.D.A.Y.!!!

Above item sold out.
Above and Below: in stock
Go on... go get some!!!

And Sharon got me these herbs.... and happy to announce that they are doing fine... still!!
TQ Sharon!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Finally! updates from me....

Books, books and more Books!
Above: I read all three Su Tong titles consequtively!

Above: Tim Winton's Breath was an easy read.  The Bookseller of Kabul was enjoyable but the ending was disappointing.