Monday, February 22, 2010

This and That

Above: expensive tiny bar of soap! Washing my face twice a day with this for the past week!
Below: finally got myself this style of tiffin carrier! and at a great price too!
Below: my first taste of Tea Egg with my favorite snack!

Below: and Hey! Lulu Nyonya Kuih delivers to your door step! 
Zoom in on the carrier box on the motorbike!

Below: Books I read for the past week!
Monica Ferris's "Patterns of Murder" - highly entertaining!
Below: after a few false starts: Shahriza Hussein's "Legacy" - A Must Read!
Below: and autographed by the author too!

Below: I revisited Patricia Cornwell - "The Front"


Za said...

Hi Emily! What's special about the soap?

I got a bad experience last week when I wanted to a photo of the food I was eating. I got ticked off by the Manager.

I think he just lost out on a free promotion of his restaurant at my blog. I am definitely not going to mention the name of that shop when I blog about it later on the meal we had there.


paulineongtl said...

Emily, Where is this Buy Sell Trade Sdn Bhd shop located. Thought of getting the tiffin carrier for takeaways. Tks.