Friday, January 22, 2010

Green As Usual

What tools I use for Being Green!

My reuseable totes for marketing, boxes to separate my trash - see how simple it can be. 
All kitchen scraps go into the lidded bin (plastic bag courtesy of DH sigh!)

Above: Bento #74 ~ Nasi Lemak from apartment cafeteria
Below: Bento #75 ~ Chinese mix rice from Ampang area

See? no wasteful packaging!


javapot said...

if my 80 yr old MIL can learn to recycle, I am sure everyone can do it. after a while it becomes a good habit!

Emily said...

its so simple and yet too few of us actually doing it!

stargal said...

need to learn from you! i keep forgetting to say "no" to plastic bags in the supermarket... haiz...

Bento Pet said...

You've probably influenced the "No plastic bags on Saturdays!" implementation! LOL!!!

Been missing your posts madam. Can you please "kan leg tit".