Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Terry Fox Run For Cancer 2009!

1st November 2009! This will be my 4th run... Do Join Me!

Read more about this year's run at Sue's blog here!

I Love Scones Too! These are unusual!

Remember our mother and daughters' bonding trip to Penang early this year? Well, we had the most amazing scones there at David Brown's on top of Penang Hill!

Well, we did have a couple of other dishes, but hey! I just cannot remember them! Just prove that the scones are unforgetable!

Back home in Selangor, my usual haunt for scones is at Amcorp Mall! A bag of six scones for RM10.00 will last DH roughly a week - one scone per day, defrosted and toasted! Yumms!