Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Love Scones Too! These are unusual!

Remember our mother and daughters' bonding trip to Penang early this year? Well, we had the most amazing scones there at David Brown's on top of Penang Hill!

Well, we did have a couple of other dishes, but hey! I just cannot remember them! Just prove that the scones are unforgetable!

Back home in Selangor, my usual haunt for scones is at Amcorp Mall! A bag of six scones for RM10.00 will last DH roughly a week - one scone per day, defrosted and toasted! Yumms!


javapot said...

scones are very easy to make u know. light fingers are required and don't over bake them otherwise - u might get some stones.

were these more cake or bread like? nice pix

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Yeah, I tried scones many years ago and the heavy hand did it!! ROCKS! A friend of mine makes the the yummiest scones but she is in the UK!!

3lilangels said...

hey! you're back!

Yummy scones.... love them, but fattening leh!

Emily said...

made scones before when I still had my cooker oven years ago. KL home no oven only in Melaka; but timing all wrong, got oven - no ingredients!