Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Am Into Waste Free Packaging.... Are You?

  Tasty Meals From Around Kuala Lumpur.  I piggy back my meals with other people's order!
Above: From Ampang Point
Above: Jalan Alor
Above: Surprise2! - one saturday I came home from work and found what DH brought me - no plastic bag snacks! Successful attempt at teaching DH waste free packaging!  Cos I told him please do not buy me any snacks if he is gonna bring them back in plastic bags!!
Above: Fresh Coconut juice from round the corner from our home. Important note - only use stainless steel containers for coconut juice
Above: The guy who repaired this mini rice cooker for 2 - wahhhh smallest rice cooker he had ever seen! And we almost threw it away cos the switch component had come apart from the main body.  All that was needed to correct the problem? a SINGLE SCREW (see the big shiny new screw in the picture?) to reattached the black connection piece to the main body!  Yup! that's all that was needed to make it WORK AGAIN!
Above: all natural washing product for my face, body and hair! and they come in two sizes!
More importantly, they come in recycled PET bottles!

Above: All natural washing product I bought from Simple Organics at Taman Desa (near the specialist hospital at the entrance of Taman Desa)


Thursday, September 09, 2010

Waste Free Packaging!

Extremely happy to re introduce my tiffin carrier to all!
and if I don't have my own container for snacks and other edibles while out food shopping, I just don't buy!  Ahhh, another of my dieting secrets!
Was at the wet market this morning to get fish for DH and a lady asked me where did I get my lock&lock container?  Try Jusco or Carrefour or look for alternatives at 100yen was my reply.  People are thinking and making choices now, good to know!